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Critical Acclaim

"The outstanding contribution made by Anderson in The Great Migration Begins is the painstaking analysis of the evidence found for each individual. Carefully weighing the data accumulated in the last century, he has uncovered inconsistencies and provided new insights, as well as confirming previous accounts. This extraordinary reference book will quickly become the first book examined in a scholarly study of the early colonial period."
— Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, CGL, FASG


"Historians will welcome the initial publication of The Great Migration Study Project as the authoritative reference work on the founders and first families of New England. Noted for editorial thoroughness and candor, as well as for scholarly scrupulosity, these volumes correct and wholly supersede all previous genealogical compilations. I look forward eagerly to the completion of this invaluable series."
— Michael McGiffert, Editor, William and Mary Quarterly

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