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Great Migration Newsletter, October - December 2009
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Children's Inheritance Portions
A prime consideration for every head of household in colonial New England was to provide for the economic security of his children. Depending on the circumstances within each family, this process might be accomplished in one step during the life of the head of household, or it might take place in several steps for each child (sometimes completed during the lifetime of the head of household and sometimes not), or the entire process might await the death of the head of household.
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Editor's Effusions
Although the basic structure of a Great Migration sketch has remained unchanged over the twenty years of the project, a number of adjustments have been made. For some time now, we have been including more material in the EDUCATION section, such as references to books in probate inventories. We have also been adding to the OFFICEHOLDING section references to arms and ammunition, also from probate inventories, on the grounds that these references reflect the militia activities of the deceased.
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Focus on Rowley and Ezekiel Rogers' Company
Continued from Volume 18, No.3 comprehensive list of Rowley settlers.
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Recent Literature
Myrtle Stevens Hyde, “Revised Ancestry for William Moulton of Hampton, New Hampshire, Including Some Revisions of the Early Ancestry of His New England Cousins,” The New England Historical and Genealogical Register 163 (2009):165-73. In this first installment of a multipart article, the author first presents a full transcript of the English copy of a power of attorney made by WILLIAM MOULTON {1637, Salem}, which states explicitly that William was the son of Benjamin Moulton. She then proceeds to compile a genealogical summary of four generations of William Moulton’s agnate ancestry, and in the process corrects earlier misreadings of English wills.
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In this issue:

I. Children's Inheritance Portions
II. Editor's Effusions
III. Focus on Rowley and Ezekiel Rogers' Company
  • 1638: Sphere of Influence (continued)
  • 1638: Sailing from Hull
  • Origins Known Elsewhere
  • Origins Uncertain
IV. Recent Literature

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